Why you need to keep moving in your childcare biz

Why you need to keep moving in your childcare biz

Have you been feeling quite “meh” recently? It seems to be a common theme in the online space and I’ve heard it a few times in my Facebook group. So, I want to encourage you to keep moving. Take that next step. Keep on taking action.

It’s hard to keep momentum when the world around us feels a little unstable and out of our control. But it’s not impossible to make progress. So let’s take some control back!

In this blog post, I’m going to share some hard-learned wisdom with you and some tips about how you can keep moving and keep motivated.

Why you might be feeling “blah” right now

feeling meh

First thing’s first: we need to acknowledge the massive year we’ve just experienced. Many of us have had our children at home full time, managing their learning, caring for them and trying to juggle our work simultaneously! Some of us have had to pivot our entire lives. Some of us have had to support our partners who’ve lost their jobs. That’s no small feat. That is HUGE!

Taking time to sit with the uncomfortable, breathe it in, but then take action to move forward. We’ve got to plan for it. What steps can you take right now?

What to do when you’re feeling stuck

I want to share some encouragement right now. There’s a verse that helps me when I feel stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed:

“Faith without works is dead.”

It’s about taking action.  This week I really just want to help you to keep moving. So I talked about procrastination last Thursday in my group, and that can take our motivation away. One of the childcare business owners in my group had been feeling a bit “blah”, a bit frustrated and unmotivated. But when we’re having those moments of feeling like giving up and not wanting to go any further then we need to take every ounce of strength we have left in us and take a small step. Baby steps.

As we do that it will rekindle our energy and our willingness to continue the journey.

keep moving each step forward is enough mtv

Every step you take is moving you forward

No doubt you know by now, that the journey is not always easy, in life or business.  We all have those moments in life where we want to curl up in a ball and hide from the world. We don’t feel like doing anything. That’s where I’ve been the last few weeks. I needed to take time out for my personal loss and I didn’t want to get back into doing some areas of my business. This includes showing up for lives and serving my online community.

I kept telling myself that I wasn’t ready. But eventually, I showed up and just came on. Zero plan, no jazz hands or top tips, I just shared from the heart. And as the words flowed, I started to feel better. Somehow I knew deep down that there was a person in the group that needed me. I was here to encourage them, to lead by example. Somehow, subconsciously I knew there was someone who needed to hear what I was sharing.

Afterwards, a few of the Ninjas let me know that they’d missed me and had really needed that pep talk.  Even in the ups and down’s of grief and in my pain right now, being able to help someone else was what I needed to help me to keep pushing and moving forward.

Don’t give up – keep moving!

Hopefully you can see from my own story, that you need to keep going. Someone out there needs what you have to offer. Please don’t give up, take the faith you have and take the tiniest teeny step possible.  Even if it’s crawling. Keep going forwards towards your goal. Then sit and watch what the universe does with that!

If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t walk run, then walk, if you can’t walk, then crawl, but by all means keep moving.

– Martin Luther King Jr

And – no matter what I’m going through personally – I’ve got your back. There’s nothing I love more than supporting you, so head on over and join my free Facebook group.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Lao Tzu.

What’s your next step going to be?

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What support does your business need right now?

What support does your business need right now?

Sometimes in this wonderful world of being a Childcare Business owner in 2021, it’s really overwhelming, isn’t it? We hear the word “support” for our business and assume that means investing thousands of dollars in hiring a coach to work with us. But what if support means EXACTLY what it says? How about if we flip the Generation Z meaning of support and do a total 180?

In today’s post I’m going to be writing about finding the support that’s right for you and your business. Depending on where you’re at in your childcare business the level of support you need is going to be different. So what can that look like?

Let’s take a look together right now…

Does support have to mean hiring a coach?

Absolutely not! In the days of Instagram and TikTok, where people make a living from “influencing”, the language we use in business has become confusing. We can get so stuck sometimes on the idea of support only meaning a one-on-one coach. And for some the moment they hear the word coach, their brain gets stuck behind a block.

Many of us freak out completely and our heads start going into a money spin: “Oh my gosh that’s out of my reach!” or “That’s not something I can do!” or “That’s impossible for me!”.

money mindset head spinning gordon ramsay

But here’s the thing, support can come in many different ways.

What can support look like?

Support doesn’t have to be big and flashy, and it certainly doesn’t have to impact your bank balance! You can find support at whatever level you need it right now. One of the benefits of the internet is that you can get support for your business online at the click of a button. And it doesn’t have to cost you a penny! But if you’re at the stage in your business where it’s time to invest a little, there’s plenty of options for that too.

Support for beginners…

If you’re just starting out, it might look like reading business books so you can develop your mindset or manage for finances better. You can read a supportive blog post about Profit First right here.

When you’re new to the business world, it’s nice to have the support of other business owners. Often they’ve been where you are and can offer advice or lend an ear. And the best way I’ve found to do that is online. It could be being part of a Facebook group like my own “The Childcare Ninja Members”, or it might be opening up a conversation and hosting Zoom coffee mornings with other childcare business owners to share ideas and support each other that way.

everyone needs support sometimes

Levelling up your help…

Once you’ve started to make a little money, you can begin to put some of it aside to invest in your support. This might be the written material from a coach – a workbook or an eBook – or you could book a one-off strategy call or Power Hour. There are some amazing courses and workshops that you can attend, often with input from experts, depending on your capacity for learning.

But support comes in all sorts of forms! The trouble is, we get so fixated that it only has to be a coach providing one on one support. Then we get super frustrated! Because we then fall into the money mindset trap of thinking it’s too expensive and “I can’t afford it!”. If we do want a coach or more tailored support, I think that we then have to open our minds. We have to develop better growth mindset where we instead ask ourselves questions like, “How can I get this money? ”. So If you’re in that situation I do want to challenge you to think on how you can budget for the support that you need or want.

growth mindset

Thinking outside the box…

Depending on what stage you’re at in your business, and in your life, the support you’re looking for might be quite different. You may be thinking that actually what you need is more time! So how do you get the help you’re looking for so you can get more of that?

Is a coach going to help with that? Unlikely! So sometimes you’ll need less assistance on the business front, and more along the lines of domestic or perhaps even the personal. When I first started growing my home day care business I had to hire a housekeeper. They came to help me monthly, doing a thorough deep clean of my whole house. This really freed me up, giving me a chance to focus on the things in my business that could exponentially grow it.

So do also consider if there are tasks you can delegate in your personal life too that will positively impact your business by clearing up time and headspace for strategy! What tasks take up space in your life and impinge on your time? Could you look into getting a cleaner or sending your bedding for a laundry service?

I’d love to see you succeed, which is why I’ve created my new “Support for Success” guide. When you’ve worked through it, you’ll be able to take a deep look into the 4 areas that will help you to determine who, why and what support you need! Download your free workbook now!

Support is the key to success!

There are lots of ways to get the support that you need in your Childcare business depending on what goals you’re trying to reach or what you’re working on. If you haven’t yet joined, go and check out my free Facebook group!  I’d love to see you in there!

We’re an army of childcare professionals who are sharing ninja-sharp skills to transform our businesses into childcare empires! This is Childcare Ownership all Grownup! Interested in becoming more involved in the community and to grow your business? Join us for more tips on how to make your childcare business the success it deserves to be! Or if you prefer Instagram, we share ideas and tips there too!

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Why you need to get some perspective in your childcare business

Why you need to get some perspective in your childcare business

When you’re so busy running a childcare business, it can be really easy to get caught up in the day-to-day shenanigans. You’re ticking off the to list. Suddenly you come face to face with an unprecedented challenge! But you can’t see the wood for the trees. Uh oh! It’s time to get some perspective.

I wanted to write this blog to remind you that from time to time it’s a good idea to take a step back and zoom out from the obstacles in your way. If you’re keen to grow your childcare business, you need to get really good at looking at your business from a 360 perspective! Read on for tips I’ve used to up-level my business.

What does perspective even mean?

I get it, it’s one of those words thrown around in the online space and by entrepreneurs! But it’s used a lot for a reason! And sometimes these words lose their meaning, don’t they?

Put simply, it’s the way that we look at something. Some people will be looking at it from one stand point, and others from a completely different angle.  And it can be hard sometimes to understand how others are perceiving things.  But it’s definitely important to stand back and reassess now and again.

And, for the word nerds among you, it’s also an art technique that changes the distance or depth of an object on paper.  Like when you see a photograph or painting of a road and it’s wider up close, and narrower further away. Not as relevant in this particular situation, but kinda interesting none-the-less!

How perspective can help your business

A lot of the time we can get so wrapped up in the day-to-day stuff, that we cannot think clearly. We don’t give ourselves the headspace to process things and we forget to take a deep breath, step back and recalibrate.  When we get so zeroed in on one particular challenge that it’s all we see or think about! And it can then be a struggle to focus so that we can figure out the solution!

Getting stuck in our heads is so common, and what this leads to is our minds getting in a complete tangled mess that we miss what is truly  important. And this lack of holistic vision can mean that we’re oblivious to even simple the most solutions that are staring us right in the face.

By focusing too much on teeny details you lose perspective!

get some perspective

So how can you do better?

As I’ve already mentioned, lots of us are unable to understand situations that arise in our childcare businesses clearly because we’re too involved. To improve the situation we’ve got to learn to be reflective. To reposition ourselves in order to see things from another frame of reference. Sometimes, all it takes is a pause and a reframe, and you can magically see how to overcome a tricky problem.

Take time out from being head down in the business, head to your quiet space, light a candle and do some journaling. Often when we let ourselves stop and brain dump, we can find answers pop into our head! I’ve written about how you can create the perfect thinking space and give yourself time to reflect here.

get some perspective gif

You can ask for help in the form of a survey to get a little perspective. Find out how your staff perceive things, but don’t be afraid to ask your families too! Depending on the situation, the more help the better!

It’s okay to look for further support

One way to break out of the zoned in habits you’ve developed is to get some help. It’s super important to make sure you recognize that you need a little support and find ways to get it. This will give you the confidence and strength to be able to step out of that challenge and see it from a birds-eye view.

Having someone else to talk things through with, or just a fresh pair of eyes, can really help you relook at the problem you’re facing. They can suggest solutions because they’re looking at it from a whole new perspective. And they can give you a leg up to their view, or explain how to get there. It’s really key that you have a support network to lean on when things are difficult. Getting their interpretation of things can change your business for the better!

A little help from my friends…

You’ll often find that you’ll get an “AHA!” moment from your chat, whether it’s your significant other, a family member that’s been supporting you in your business. You might find that you get incredible advice off a business bestie, or a little perspective from the industry specific Facebook group you’re a member of, or the business coach you’re working with. This week, I talked about why we all need some support in the  Facebook group for my weekly #tiptuesday and in my free group last week.

What other support have you gotten that’s really helped you?

There are lots of ways to get the support that you need in your Childcare business depending on what goals you’re trying to reach or what you’re working on. If you haven’t yet joined, do check out my free Facebook group!  I’d love to see you in there!

We’re an army of childcare professionals who are sharing ninja-sharp skills to transform our businesses into childcare empires! This is Childcare Ownership all Grownup! Interested in becoming more involved in the community and to grow your business? Join us for more tips on how to make your childcare business the success it deserves to be! Or if you prefer Instagram, we share ideas and tips there too!

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The best perk of being a Childcare Business Owner

The best perk of being a Childcare Business Owner

This week my blog post isn’t so much about strategy, but reflecting and sharing on the freedoms of being a Childcare boss. This is certainly one of my most favorite perks of being a Childcare Business Owner!I’m guessing that you wanted to become a childcare business owner because you dreamed of helping families but I bet there’s another key reason – you wanted freedom and flexibility!

I want to share with you what I mean by “freedom” and why it matters, and how I got to a place where I had room to breathe and space to fill with things other than work!

It started with a chat…

Last week I was talking with some of my girl friends, and we were all sharing how things are going for us. You know, the kind of chat where everyone has a little boast but usually backs it up with something silly that’s happened? And we were all laughing about whatever it was my friend said. Along the lines of how busy the store was and how she wishes she could go at a different time. She doesn’t want to do it when every other working mom is in there buying her groceries! 

I grimaced. It’s fair to say that sometimes I really do tease my friends that I have the luxury of freedom when it comes to making my own schedule. I can do what I want, when I want. At least most of the time, anyway! So I piped up, “You probably oughta start a Childcare, because I get to go to Walmart or the grocery store early in the morning, when everyone else is on their daily commute!”.  I got a couple of eye rolls and a “maybe I will!” hollered back at me!

How is it possible?

Having my Childcares all running smoothly, with my team in place – like a fine-oiled machine! Which has given me the freedom that my old 9-5 didn’t. Gone are the days where I needed permission to take my mother to a doctor’s appointment! I no longer have to wait for my holidays to come before I can take a day off. So when I’m in need of some time to myself, I can just note it in my calendar and things carry on without me for a day. 

I don’t need to be “on” 24/7

One of the major blessings I’ve been given is that I’m not always needed in any of the facilities nowadays. I can make my own schedule.  I don’t always have to be hands-on deck, and I don’t need to be in the office all the time – they’ve got that covered!  

It’s truly one of the best perks about being a Childcare boss, I’m very appreciative and very grateful. However, I also know that I’ve worked hard to get to this point and it didn’t start out this way!

Freedom works both ways

When we’re thinking about freedom, we tend to think about freedom to have time off. But on the flipside, it means we’ve got the capacity to be the helping hand to others when it’s needed. Recently, one of my team members needed to take time off short notice for an appointment. I had the freedom to cover her, so I said, “no biggie”, and was able to pop into the facility while she was out. When she got back I headed off again to do my own thing. 

How did I get to this stage of freedom?

This perk of being a childcare business owner didn’t come immediately. Don’t be fooled into thinking that overnight I created a crazy successful business and suddenly took days off and long lunches and spa trips. Nope. 

work hard - you can have this perk of being a childcare business owner

Freedom has come about with hard graft. It’s been possible because of the systems I’ve put in place (y’all know I love a system!). Creating freedom through the investments I made when it came to training my staff. Now they can run the day care centers without me. And you’d better believe that I’ve also taken time, energy and spent money on coaching. Mostly to fix my mindset around controlling every little thing! (Clue: you don’t have to!)

Put the foundations in sooner rather than later

Taking those steps early on in your business will give you freedom to do other things later on. What will you do with all that freedom? Maybe you’ll develop a second childcare center or perhaps you’ve got hobbies you’d like to pursue? I can think of thousands of ways you could use that flexibility! I bet you can too!

carrie green saying let's do this!

Now, I didn’t write this blog post to show off (although I’m proud of what I’ve achieved and have the audacity to say so!). I wrote it to show you how it’s possible for you too! I’m so thankful and grateful for the freedom being a childcare business owner gives me. And I want you to have that freedom as well! 

In case you’re looking to grow as a childcare business owner, I thought I’d let you know about my latest program! The doors are open to my group coaching program “The Simple Childcare Ownership Program”!

This 10-week coaching program is perfect for you, if you…

🟣 Believe working with children is fulfilling, and there’s no other job in this world that you would rather do!

🟣 Are ready to step into your power and develop your leadership skills.

🟣 Want to make the ultimate change and start the childcare business of your dreams, so you can live life on your terms.

🟣 Are fed up on the 9-5 rat race and want finances and flexibility

🟣 Are tired of getting in your own way and READY to start your Childcare boss journey


The first 2021 Program kicks off Monday, February 15 @ 8pm EST. We’ll be having weekly training with me Nyckie B in my private Facebook group with 2 weeks for implementing everything you’re learning. On the program I’ll be covering:


Sound good? You can sign up right now! Just click here.childcare ninjas logo 2020If the program isn’t for you, I’d still love to invite you to join us in the Childcare Ninja Facebook group where we’re all sharing ideas and learning from each other. We are an army of childcare professionals who are honing ninja-sharp skills to transform our businesses into childcare empires! This is Childcare Ownership all Grownup! Interested in becoming a part of the community? Join us for more tips on how to make your childcare business the success it deserves to be! And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram!

Make 2021 the year you get the business support you need!

Make 2021 the year you get the business support you need!

It’s funny, sometimes in our lives or in our businesses we believe we’re in need of something in particular, but once we actually start to research or learn a bit more we realize that what we thought we needed doesn’t quite cut the mustard! And when it comes to business support, this is so common!

I’ve learned that sometimes it’s about getting the right people in your team to push you in the right direction and guide you to where you’re really trying to go. This means you need to be supported by people who can see past the initial “needs” and who can figure out what you truly need.

And 2021 is the perfect time for you to get the business support you need and not what you think you might need…! Read on to find out why this matters…

Tale of two kinds of business support

Everyday I get questions from the women I coach, and I see it a lot in my Facebook group, where they think they need one thing and actually they’re in need of something completely different! An example I’ve seen a few times is enrollments. People who think they need help with enrollment for their childcare business, but when I start to talk to them and we dive in a little deeper, it becomes clear that it’s not enrollment they need help with – it turns out to be the marketing.

I know what you’re thinking! “They’re the same thing, Nyckie!” Nuh-uh! Wrong! They’re totally not the same thing. Trust me!

What’s the difference then?!

Enrollment is a focus on the system of your families signing up to your daycare; it’s about how they book a tour or find things out. It might include getting them to complete all the paperwork, and sign permissions, fill out forms. Whereas marketing is all about how we actually call in our dream clients and bring them to our doors, and ultimately sign up to our service – whatever that looks like for you.

Can you see that they’re two very different things? So if you’re explaining to me that you need some support with enrollment then that should mean you’ve got a handful of interested families (who’ve found you through your marketing!) and you want to get them enrolled in a systematic and logical way that feels easy for them and you.

However, if you actually need to find some clients who might want to access your service, then that’s a completely different thing and we’d need to approach it differently. (Hello, marketing strategy!)

It’s okay to ask for help!

I think many of us grew up believing that to be successful we have to do things on our own. That asking for any kind of help or support is a sign of weakness. Well I’m here to tell you that actually, the key to growing your childcare business is knowing when it’s the right time to ask for some support.

As I’ve just explained, it’s kinda helpful to realize that perhaps you don’t quite know exactly what you need. So you’ve got to get better at reaching out and seeking support. It’s imperative that you learn to let go of the stigma that we associate with needing help! In the words of Elsa…Let it go!

Accept where you are in your journey

Now is the time for you to grow that asking for help muscle! Get comfortable with being able to open up and say, “hey, this is where I’m at! And this is where I’d like to be…but I’m not sure on how I get from A to B. Can you help me?”

When we begin to let go of those superwoman tendencies, it’s a helluva lot easier to get that help and move forward with our businesses! Plus there’s the added bonus of not wasting your valuable time – because who can afford that?!

Who can help you?

It’s important to acknowledge that no one on this blessed planet knows all the answers. No – not even you, Neil DeGrasse Tyson!

neil degrasse tyson

And that’s why it’s incredibly powerful to invest wisely in your education, developing your skills and getting some high quality coaching. There will always be someone who’s had experiences before you have because they’ve been in the game longer. As they’re further ahead, they’re able to show you how they did it, how they coped and give you strategies to make progress!

So each time you’re looking for business support, ask yourself what you really need help with. Do you really require support with enrollment? Or is it actually marketing? Who’s the best person to reach out to?

Is 2021 going to be your year of progress?

I’m sure y’all know that I’m here to help, but I have something super awesome lined up for you tomorrow. And boy oh boy is it golden! If you’re looking for support to grow your childcare business, and you’ve got tons of questions, then you don’t want to miss this!!

I’ll be hosting a free masterclass LIVE tomorrow Friday, 22nd January at 8 pm EST! Find out more here.

What’s it all about, Nyckie?

During the masterclass I’ll be sharing my journey, which has seen me go from being a single mom running a home daycare to fit in with my girls’ schedules, to now – 14 years on – where I own numerous day care centers in multiple prime locations and I am bringing in 6 figures consistently.

My childcare business gave me freedom, the chance to be around my daughters and provide for them as a single mom.

In tomorrow’s live masterclass I’ll be sharing:

🟣 Top 3 roadblocks holding you back from starting or growing your business and how to overcome them

🟣 How to use the A.S.K tool to create a 5 step plan that will get you moving towards your 90 day fast track goal

🟣 My 4 Part framework for getting started or growing a successful childcare business in 2021

If you’re ready to #ownyourfuture in 2021 then join me Friday night at 8pm and find out how to get the necessary tools to do it! Sign up to join the masterclass here.

I’d love to see you there, but if you can’t make it and would like to continue the conversation, head over to the Childcare Ninja Facebook group! We’re an army of childcare professionals who are sharing ninja-sharp skills to transform our businesses into childcare empires! This is Childcare Ownership all Grownup! Interested in becoming a part of the community? Join us for more tips on how to make your childcare business the success it deserves to be! And be sure to say hi over on Instagram!

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