Hey I   am Nyckie….

“I am so glad you are here! Almost 20 years ago I decided that it was time for me to take my life and my business into my own hands. I was really tired of living pay check to pay check with little or no reward, plus, I was missing out on raising my daughters, because I was always at work!

Something had to change. Do you know that feeling when you just know you are meant for more? That there is more to life than “this”?

I made a decision, committed and have never looked back!

Today I run a multiple six figure, childcare business with multiple locations. I get to spend all the time in the world with the people who are most important to me and I have a mission to empower other women to do the same.

Thats why I have created a business to inspire, educate and support women to build their day care empire so they too can live their lives on their terms ♥

Work  With  Me

So you’re new to the childcare coaching scene?  Feeling intimidated?  Don’t!

Yes, it is going to take some work and a strong commitment but if you’re up to it, this course will have you weaving through the ins and outs of getting your childcare business to the next level and running successfully.

No more being stuck or feeling like “maybe you don’t have what it takes”.

Take this course at your own pace and still have the support of other Ninjas inside this exclusive group.  You’ll be feeling confident and successful in no time.

This is the roadmap to childcare success you’ve been waiting for.


Dear Ms. Nyckie,

I went through three day cares and was just about to give up. I have never seen my Jada so happy to attend childcare. I want to express my feelings and gratitude towards the way you have taken time out to get to know my child. It’ people like you that make such a difference in the world! Thank you so much!



Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful babysitting sitting service your company provided during our reception. You were professional, and organised, and the kids loved you! Job well done!

Tanya & Dave