You’ve worked hard to get your business started. Now it’s time to grow and enjoy it.

Hey I   am Nyckie….

I am so super excited that you are here!

Hi I’m Nyckie B, the founder and Childcare Ninja Boss of The Dojos Insiders Club. For starters thanks for stopping by, if you’re here, it’s because you love what you do and you’re looking for a way to do it better. Let me explain…

I created Childcare Ninjas to be a membership circle that is committed to providing access to experts, systems and resources that can help you go from being exhausted to being excited in your childcare business again. You have a community of advice, encouragement and training here at Childcare Ninjas.

Please feel free to check out our monthly blog, free resources and, printables, and our Facebook group where you will get loads of value and guidance in growing you and your business.

How It All Started……

So, I was on this website one day because I had a few extra minutes (imagine that as a childcare owner) and it was one of those websites where people join and then list things like their life goals. And so, I’m scrolling through, just kind of checking out what people want to do, and I come across “start my own business”. Of course my ears perk up because we’re talking about business, right? So anyway I click on it and up pops this window that says 897 people want to do this and 100 people have already done this.

I remember thinking to myself, yeah and I wonder how those 100 people that started are doing now. Because let’s be real… the starting part is kind of the easier part, it’s the staying part that becomes difficult!

The day to day of managing, that days work, the work from the day before that you didn’t get to and still trying to keep enough motivation and energy to plan for “the future” of your business. I think most of us have at some point if not right now contemplated whether it is still worth it or if we bit off more than we can chew.

If you’re honest with yourself, like I was, at some point you went from excited to exhausted in your childcare business and that’s not good for business. You can’t enjoy the moments that you initially built your childcare business for. You’re at your child’s performance and you have to step out to check in with the childcare. Family vacation and you’re sneaking off to make sure everything is ok at the office. It’s ridiculous.

I found myself thinking, I don’t just want to own my childcare business, I want to enjoy owning my childcare business. This is what got me started on my journey (if you will) to find effective ways to make my business run more efficient so that I could enjoy being a childcare business owner.

In my search, I came across an online workshop that talked about systemizing your business. It made so much sense but putting systems in place in childcare comes with a different set of challenges called children, parents, and inspectors to name a few. Nonetheless I was determined to figure out and implement systems that would work in this unique industry that I love so much.

I won’t lie, it wasn’t easy. It took weeks of me shutting my office door and not taking calls, days of my family saying “are you headed home YET?”. But I was focused and when I tell you that I’m so glad I did it, that would be an understatement. What this process did for me has changed the life of my childcare business.

Now having said all that, I want you to know that if you are at a place of being ready to give in or give up, STOP! Unlike me you don’t have to go any further in your childcare business feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and alone.

Dear Ms. Nyckie,

I went through three day cares and was just about to give up. I have never seen my Jada so happy to attend childcare. I want to express my feelings and gratitude towards the way you have taken time out to get to know my child. It’ people like you that make such a difference in the world! Thank you so much!


Your Ninja Membership Includes…

Monthly Learning Capsule

The monthly learning module (aka capsule) located in our Ninja Dojo provides important information that you can put into effect quickly to begin propelling your business to the next level

Monthly Group Training and Q & A with Nyckie

Every month in the Membership, Nyckie hosts a group training with all the members on Zoom to personalise the learning capsule for that month plus answer any questions you may have! 

Monthly Printables & Resources

Every month in the Membership you will get a Monthly Printable related to your learning capsule for that month.  These can be downloaded and used immediately in your own business.  No more wasting time to create these yourself, it’s all done for you.

Private FaceBook Community & Support

Finally you’ll have access to our members only FB group. A community that’s as serious as you are about growing their businesses into the childcare dynasties they love.


Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful babysitting sitting service your company provided during our reception. You were professional, and organised, and the kids loved you! Job well done!

Tanya & Dave

For those of you that are ready to begin moving from exhaustion to excitement and growth in your childcare business, we are offering for a limited time a

Special $35 founding member discount.

That’s right – $35 per month for all of the benefits listed above. We just know that you are going to be totally excited about the value and benefits that you receive! If you choose not to continue your membership (and we certainly hope that you won’t make this choice) then you can cancel at any time. Precise and simple (just like a ninja).

Just remember that this is a FOUNDING MEMBER RATE, once the doors close on 29th February, the normal monthly charge will be $49… are you in….ready to change how you do business and life??

Once you join you will receive an email with all of your login information for immediate access to all of your membership benefits.

We’re 100% excited that you’ve joined us here and we’re looking forward to seeing and following you in your success going from exhausted to excited in your childcare business.

Ninja Blessings,

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