3 simple ways to build a successful childcare business

3 simple ways to build a successful childcare business

You’ve ventured into the world of childcare business ownership, and now you’re looking to to turn it into the success it deserves to be. I’m here to tell you that it’s going to happen. If I have done it, so can you! It takes hard work, resilience and a whole lot of love, but I know you’ve got this. You can build a successful childcare business!

You ARE a Childcare Ninja!

Over the years, I’ve learned how to grow my childcare business, level up and build my own empire. And here I’ve got 3 simple tips to help you on your way to success.

1. Automate what you can

By now you’ll probably have realized that I am a HUGE fan of systemizing and automation (if you’ve read any of my other blogs!). If you can systemize, you will be able to de-stress and grow. Take time to note down all the day-to-day tasks you do and look into how you can get a system in place and potentially automate it, to save you time and energy.

In fact this doesn’t have to cost the world either! There are plenty of lower cost or even free options for automating elements of your childcare business. From ordering food supplies from a well-kept stock inventory, to Hours Tracker for staffing, make the most of the technology at your fingertips!

Additionally, you can read about apps I use in my childcare business that have revolutionized my systems here.

2. Offer what others won’t

Remember when we talked about what makes you special? Well, make sure that you’re offering tons of that! Sing it from the mountain tops, girl. Offering something that others don’t have – your uniqueness – will make you stand out from the crowd and call in the parents and families that you’ve been longing to work with.

After all, what makes our childcare businesses so awesome is that we are NOT the cookie cutter daycare center chains that keep popping up all over the country. We offer something totally different and the feedback we get from families is incredible. Their kids are treated as individuals by our amazing teams and the parents are too.

So if you take a look around at other providers, not to compare as such but to look at what they’re missing. Perhaps they don’t focus on outdoor play or they don’t have language teachers…whatever they’re lacking, think about what you can offer that they are not. I’m not saying go and do something totally different to your current practice, but look at the competition and see where you can shine!

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3. Build amazing relationships daily

As you’ll have read briefly above, this is an aspect of your business that is essential. I cannot stress this enough. Nurturing those relationships is absolutely key to the success of your childcare business. Even after a child has moved on to school, I try to keep in touch with families – just the odd “thinking of you” card here and there, or a wave on the street – but this is how community thrives.

Building a sense of community and cherishing the relationships you have with families will make your business successful. Those families will talk about you as if you’re a member of their squad (which you totally are!) and they’ll be telling new parents they meet about how much they love your childcare and how warm and brilliant you are.

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But it’s not just the parents and children who you need to nurture! Building amazing relationships with your staff is super important too! Keep communication as a two way street – use apps like Slack to help you do this! – because when staff feel they’re heard and valued, they come into their own and work their socks off for you.

Equally important, is showing good leadership by helping them develop their own skills, using their ideas for activities and on the meal plans. Working on your relationships, talking to your team on a regular basis and keeping them informed of any changes in advance.

All things considered, I hope this has given you some food for thought. Building your successful childcare business is achievable and watching you develop your skills as an owner is inspiring! Let me know how you’re getting on. Leave a comment below, or send me an email. And don’t forget that we’ve got our Facebook community too, so we can all hang out in there together!


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“Be ye set apart” – preparing your mindset for being a childcare boss!

“Be ye set apart” – preparing your mindset for being a childcare boss!

You might be wondering what the key to conquering your business goals and dreams is, and as someone who’s run a successful childcare business for a number of years I can tell you it’s not as obvious as you’d think. It is all about mindset. Getting your head into the right place so you can grow your business to be as amazing as you dream it can be is absolutely essential.

Here are 3 mindsets that I know will create an incredible shift in the way your run your business, helping you feel more confident, and ultimately more productive and successful.

These 3 mindsets you must change for you to become a successful childcare business owner:

1. Money Mindset

One of the things women are consistently poor at talking about is money. I think this is because we were all brought up to believe that it’s impolite or embarrassing to talk about money. Money also holds an emotional connection for many of us. It’s time for women in business to overcome the money taboo! We need to ask for what we need and embrace what money can do for us! To do this, we need to start talking about money, encouraging conversations about our finances.

Money really can be a fantastic tool to help us reach our goals and without money it can be quite tricky to take care of the people we love. We owe it to ourselves as women to achieve financial success. We owe it to our children to see us earning money and not being ashamed of it. Women can have an extraordinary economic impact on the planet. As Childcare Ninjas, let’s change the way we think, accept that we are worthy of earning money, and let’s start embracing what money can do! 

2. Positive vibes

I have learned this one the hard way! When I began to be successful in my business a few years ago, I had so many negative people around me. They drained my energy, sapping out the hope I had for how my business was going to grow. They wouldn’t allow me to dream big. You know the ones, right?! They eye roll when you’re telling them about something you’ve achieved; they don’t appreciate how hard you’ve got to work to maintain momentum; and they certainly cannot understand why you persevere and don’t just give up.

So the mindset here I want you to try is: get rid of the doubters. Surround yourself with positive people and don’t be afraid to do this sooner rather than later. No more Negative Nellies, protect yourself with Positive Pollies instead!

3. It’s okay to be successful

As women we have a tendency to play down our successes. We’ve an awful habit of putting ourselves down – especially in front of other people. Promoting yourself to others in your business feels so alien doesn’t it? But what’s wrong with wanting people to recognize your achievements? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being successful. When you’ve reached your goals, it enables you to give more generously, and puts you in a position to give back to society.

This mindset fools us into thinking we are “safe”, by playing small, but it’s actually holding us back! So last year I decided to make a change – to stop playing small. I thought long and hard about how i would go about this. I created a vision board and my mantra was “Think bigger”. Every time I caught myself playing small, I repeated my mantra.

And there was this situation last year where I was looking at potential venues for a new daycare facility to add to my portfolio. I found the perfect place. Fantastic location, potential for lots of new clients…but I had this niggling doubt: “I’m not worthy of such an amazing opportunity. Who am I to think this is for me?” So what did I do? Walk away? No! I said “Think BIGGER!” And do you know what I did? I took a leap of faith. I am a Childcare Ninja, after all!

I encourage you to change these mindsets – to actively talk about money, to celebrate our successes and to think about your friendships.

If you’d like to know more, I have created some helpful videos and resources for you in my Childcare Ninja membership, to make your life a little easier, and to enable you to grow your childcare business into your own little empire.


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