Once in a while, I’ll watch a show on T.V that stands out. And it is rare that I sit down and choose something to watch. I mean, seriously…who has time for that?! But occasionally, I’ll come across something that has a dramatic impact on my life or my business. And this was one of those moments. I hadn’t taken on board the importance of storytelling!

I had my feet up and my phone to hand (in case my day care staff needed me) and I was multi-tasking on my laptop as usual. However this episode caught me by surprise. I was totally drawn in.

This particular episode made me stop and think about how I was running my business. It gave me the impetus, the drive and reignited my passion for my childcare business. Strangely, it wasn’t about a woman running a daycare center. It focused on helping a New Jersey pizza shop. The Profit‘s presenter (Marcus Lemonis) needs to help the owner who is struggling with aesthetic issues and stagnant sales.

While watching their journey, I learned 3 things. I thought I’d share them with you!

Tell your story

The importance of telling your story became abundantly clear from watching this episode of The Profit. Marcus finds out that the owner, Alario, opened his restaurant with money his father received from the federal government after Alario’s mom was killed in the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001. After listening, Marcus explains that this is a great backstory, and asks how Alario is sharing this with his customers…

But Alario hasn’t been sharing his backstory with anyone — not even his employees know what he’s been through! And Lemonis points out that this is where his business is going wrong. He explains that it’s actually completely natural to bring certain aspects of your personal life into your business.

storytelling in your business

“I’m a big believer that in business, consumers will rally around a cause or a story or some personal connection that they have,” Lemonis says on the show. “People like to do business with people. It’s OK that you amplify who you are, that’s how I make a connection with you”.

We know deep down that people buy from people. When you share your story, people buy into that. They want to support you and they become your mini-fans, your champions. They want you to succeed.

So, since watching this – and realizing the importance of storytelling –  I’ve been shouting my story from the rooftops!

Be known for something

This episode of The Profit, with Alario’s pizza joint, made me think about what my childcare will be known for. I want my business to be memorable for all the right reasons. I’d love for all my clients to rave about how awesome my childcare is and how they recommend me to everyone they know when they find out they’re expecting!

How do you want people to talk about your childcare business? Is there something specific you want to be known for? Make a list and see if you can weave these into your newsletters, your social media posts, your conversations and your practice.

storytelling in your business Turn the page

Storytelling to help someone else

Marcus Lemonis makes a great case for why your business needs storytelling and the importance of bringing the personal to your professional! Your story will resonate with people and they’ll find that they want to support you by buying into your business. But it’s about more than just that.

By telling your story, you will no doubt be helping someone else. Your overcoming adversity to build your business is going to give someone else the strength to keep on pushing forward. It’s going to motivate other childcare owners to persevere despite their circumstances. Because they’ll hear that YOU are building a successful childcare business even though you were in a difficult situation once.

You are inspiring!

These connections, these HUMAN connections are vital for our businesses.

What does your story look like for your childcare business?

Find it, share it, and watch your business stand out!


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