Fabulous Finances: Money Myths in Childcare Business

Fabulous Finances: Money Myths in Childcare Business

During last decade – and beyond – I’ve heard countless money myths being waved around as reasons for hesitation when it comes to taking a step into owning your own childcare business. And while some of the rumors might be a hangover from days gone by, most of them are just factually incorrect and are certainly nothing I’ve ever witnessed.

There’s only so much time to write these blogs and you’ve not got all day to read them, have you?! So in this post, I’m busting three of the myths that keep popping up in Childcare Ninja conversations. Read on if you’d like to find out why you need to ignore the money myths and listen to your heart!

Money Myth 1: Expensive to get going

Not true! There are tonnes of ways you can start your childcare business on a budget. I’ve written a few blogs on this, but it is possible to start a wildly successful childcare business with limited financial backing. I know because I’ve done it! Cut back on expenses – do you need those subscriptions or the organic food? Could you strip it back to the bare minimum temporarily until your profits start coming in?

Look into ways of getting more knowledgeable that don’t involve spending money or spreading the cost between yourself and other childcare facilities. Sign up to mailing lists and free trainings and teachings around legislation and regulations.

Setting up your childcare business doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t need an all-singing, all-dancing childcare business to get going. I think the phrase is “done is better than perfect”. Don’t let fear of getting started put you off.

Money Myth 2: Childcare owners can’t make a profit

This one always makes me laugh, because my business is testament to the fact that you most certainly can make a profit! Don’t be intimidated by the money talk around childcare. A lot of the chatter is around the issue that our industry is not valued by many in our society, despite us being a lifeline to families. The recent pandemic highlighted how essential we are (which we all knew!). But the debate as to whether we’re profitable is nonsense.

You can have a successful childcare business that brings in a profit. It takes hard work, effort and planning, but it is definitely achievable. I’m working with a number of childcare business owners – my Childcare Ninjas! – helping them scale up and grow their businesses to become even more profitable.

Money Myth 3: Hard to keep up

Funnily enough, this money myth is a teensy bit true. Yes, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with changing policies and legislation. I could probably dedicate an entire year to reading documents and keeping up with current practice. And of course all the regulations are essential so we have to keep on top of it all.

However, when you’re savvy and have a great team around you, you can split the training sessions between you and share the knowledge when you get back. You can sign up to emails that will keep you up to date, and you can join networks with other childcare businesses. There’s also a great Facebook group I’ve heard about, for Childcare Ninjas like you 😉

Tips for battling the money myths

Over the years I’ve been running my own childcare business, I’ve discovered some ways that you can combat the money myths out there! Here are a few tips to help you on your childcare business journey.

Firstly, surround yourself with encouragers and people who support your dreams. It’s so much easier when you’ve got like-minded people giving you motivation and rallying around you. It’s also important that you can trust them and know that they have faith in your abilities. There’s nothing worse than constantly having to second guess yourself because of negative comments about things that you didn’t ask for an opinion on.

Be wise with your money

Second, y’all know I love systematizing, so you won’t be surprised to hear me say this! So here goes: Get yourself some systems that help you manage your business better. This will save you time and money to invest elsewhere in your childcare business. When you’re more organized and things are streamlined, you can budget better.

Next, I’d like to encourage you to invest in yourself. With the savings you make on time and with budgeting better via systems, you should put that towards bettering yourself. Learning never goes out of fashion! And educating yourself and self development is never a waste of money. Whether that’s additional childcare training or a business diploma, the decision to prioritize YOU as a business owner is pivotal to your success!

My last tip is that you get help with finance. I’m not talking about loans and borrowing money (although if you’re going to do that, make sure it’s ethical and in your best interests! Steer clear of sharks). No, I mean getting your head straight when it comes to finance. Take time to get some money mindset coaching, and another idea is to learn how to do your own accounts.

I hope you’ve found this blog super helpful. If you have, share it with a friend!

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Why you need to stop wishing and start doing!

Why you need to stop wishing and start doing!

This week I’m focusing on mindset and my mantra is “stop wishing and start doing”. Because this is where the change starts: with you. It begins with you pressing pause on making wish lists and vision boards (not altogether! Just for now!) and getting some plans in place to achieve the goals you’ve set yourself.

In this blog you’re going to find some tips on why it’s important to take action, not just sit there waiting and wishing for good things to happen. The universe can be magical, and I know manifesting is a thing…but things don’t just occur and the universe is not going to chase you. You’ve gotta put things in motion and make moves that show you’re ready to receive!

Start with a daily check-in

Every day, on your way to work it’s the perfect time to check in with yourself. Reflect on where you’re at in terms of your mindset. Are you feeling positive and ready to level up? Or are you feeling anxious and stuck? However you’re feeling, you’ve got to start by acknowledging it and then sitting with that feeling.

So check your mindset at the door. Notice if there’s anything blocking you from succeeding or reaching your goals. Is there a task you’ve been putting off or a person that’s holding you back? If so, what can you do right now to solve that problem? Try to think outside the box and be creative about moving forward.

Feel the fear and do it anyway

Did you know that the average millionaire has seven different streams of income? 7?! That’s a whole lot of trial and error, isn’t it? Imagine how many beta tests they must’ve done before settling on those various ideas. And do you want to know the reason for their success? (Now’s not the time to discuss privilege by the way…but we’ll try to do that soon!) The clue is in the subheading…

These people have achieved success because although they might be terrified they’ve bitten the bullet and had a go anyway. They’ve taken action, even when they’ve been scared. And this comes down to a realization that failing is the worst that can happen. And actually that’s not as bad as people make out. Everyone makes mistakes. Failures happen. It’s how we deal with those moments that matters.

The Blame Game

Hands up if you play the blame game with yourself? I know I used to be guilty of this more than I like to admit. My favorite thing to blame was time. I was always saying “I just don’t have the time to do the things I know will help me reach those goals”. Or “I’m so busy I can’t possibly make time for that right now”. Looking back, I can see that what I actually did with my time was procrastination when I should’ve been spending time leveling up my business.

First off: there’s always time. Everyone has the same amount of hours in their day. Every person on this planet only has 24 hours a day. If you want to make money and be successful, you need to think of your time as a limited resource and spend it wisely. Yes, finances and not having to work two or three jobs makes a difference, but even the busiest people get stuff done! In fact doesn’t the saying go, “if you want something done, ask a busy person”?

If you’re not sure what you’re spending time on, I highly recommend checking your screen time. It’s always quite shocking to see how much time you’re spending on social media, your emails, etc, and deciding whether those things are a good use of your precious time. (NEWSFLASH: They’re not!)

Get Your Priorities Straight

Turns out that – back in the day – what I was seemingly incapable of was prioritizing. I would tell myself the lie “I’m too busy to do that” or “I’ve not got the time to focus on growing my business”. When actually what I meant was “growing my business isn’t a priority”. There comes a time when you have to make a choice and prioritize the things that really matter.

So how do you move past this? How do you stop telling yourself these lies and make the right choice for you and your business? How do you know what to prioritize?

If it’s important, you need to change and prioritize. You’ve got to choose where to begin. Here’s some ideas…

Break your goals into chunks

Take a look at your vision board and the goals you want to reach with your business. Break each one of them down into baby steps. Now you’ve got those, make a plan of how you can tackle each of them. What do you need to do that? Do you need to invest in some training?  A course? How about a coach?

It’s time to stop wishing and start doing! C’mon, Ninjas!


Find time

Each week, put aside some time in your diary to work on those baby steps you’ve planned out. Make a decision to prioritize that task. It doesn’t matter if you only take minuscule steps. As long as you’re moving forward and making progress, that’s what counts!

By putting the task in your diary, and blocking out the time you’re telling your brain that this is important. That this is a priority for you. You’re less likely to get sidetracked or make excuses if you’ve put it in your diary! Doing this frees you from overwhelm while allowing you to progress on goals!

Another idea is to put it on the communal calendar! By doing that you’re also signaling to your team and your family that this is essential to your growth and you’re busy up-leveling. Great leadership and role modelling!

Get laser-focused

Now you’ve carved out time in your week and have a set of tasks that lead to achieving your goal, it’s time to knuckle down and get focused. Where are you going to work best? Wherever you choose, shut your door and take a deep breath. This is optimal focus time! You can get into the right frame of mind and work on your prioritized tasks.

In conclusion, it’s important that you recognize how vital time to work on your goals is. Getting in the right mindset will allow you to step up your action. No more excuses. No more blaming your lack of time. It’s time to take responsibility for your future and stop wishing and start doing!

I hope you’ve found this blog super helpful. If you have, share it with a friend!

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The Metamorphosis Experience: growing through change

The Metamorphosis Experience: growing through change

If you’ve worked with a coach or you’ve been part of a life-changing membership, you’re likely to have experienced change. Or what I like to call “The Metamorphosis Experience” or “ME Experience”.

Because this week we’re not thinking about the baby steps. Nope. We’re diving in deep with the big stuff.

So, what does this sort of change look like?

Growing through change

Change is often difficult, stressful, and anxiety inducing. Not being in control can bring on feelings of insecurity and put your body into fight or flight mode. However, change is – for the most part – a good thing. The benefits that come from the growth we go through can be countless. But as Brené Brown teaches us, you can only get to courage through being vulnerable.

One thing I’ve learned over the years I’ve been a childcare business owner is that when you allow yourself to be vulnerable and start investing in yourself you become accustomed to change. It’s part and parcel of the process. Instead of worrying about the approaching change, you begin to trust in your own choices and the universe. You have a faith in yourself that you didn’t have before. And that, my friend, is super powerful.

Mindset Metamorphosis

After I stopped putting off investing in myself, and started doing things that were going to help me grow as a business owner, I saw huge changes. Looking back it’s kind of funny, really, that it took me so long to believe. I am now a much better leader because I’ve made this change.

daring to lead metamorphosis

There’s a monumental change in the way your mindset works when you decide to invest in YOU. You begin to prioritize the things that you know will help you to grow. No longer do you waste time on the things that don’t serve you. Instead, you understand that by investing in yourself you can’t possibly go wrong.

You begin to notice the things that seemed important aren’t really, and that your self-development and growth is fundamental. There’s no more putting yourself to the bottom of the To Do list. Because you know that you – and only you – can grow your childcare business to be the best it can be.


Suddenly, you find yourself saying “I can” instead of “I can’t”. There’s a shift in the language you use in your everyday conversations. Those slips of self-deprecation are long gone, and have been replaced by positive affirmations and an innate sense of self confidence. You respond to tricky situations in a totally different way. Instead of reacting to things as we once did, you’ll be able to take a deep breath and the words that come won’t be angry or from your scared inner child.

Going through the Metamorphosis Experience changes the way you speak and interact with the world. Your language becomes more constructive and those around you begin to notice too. And this is great for your team because you’re role modelling what growing and self-development looks like.

Taking action

After your metamorphosis, you now come at things from a different angle. You’re pro-active not reactive. It’s like a sixth sense. You know what needs to be done and you do it. Procrastination becomes a thing of the past because you are not afraid of making mistakes anymore. And taking action and doing the things that are hard and uncomfortable brings with it further satisfaction. Taking action feels good.


You spend less time scrolling social media, or hanging out gossiping with friends and get laser-focused. You choose to spend your time wisely, learning, doing the work, growing. Not shutting yourself off, but just prioritizing the things that matter – YOU and your metamorphosis!

No more putting things off. You’ve had the ME experience and now you’re on a road to greater things. You know it, the universe knows it. Bring. It. On!

Looking at your surroundings

One of the hardest things about your metamorphosis is taking a look at your environment. Not just the space itself, but the people in it. Surround yourself with the doers, the creators, the people who inspire you.


When you’ve invested in yourself, you start to see that there are some people in your life who begrudge your growth. They want to keep you small. Those people are not your people, okay? They’re toxic. I learned fairly swiftly that I needed to have positive women who “get me” in my circle, not the ones who want to keep me from dreaming big. Read more about that here.

Is it time for you to a true metamorphosis experience?

I’ve got a group coaching experience beginning in October that is ideal for you if you’re looking to invest in yourself; if you’re ready to go through some HUGE changes to make progress in your self-development and your business. I want to help you become the best you can be, so I’ve created: “The Simple Childcare Ownership Program“!

It’s a 10 week program that offers you tonnes of value for money. The perfect investment! Become a leader in the childcare field bycoming together and sharing experiences with like-minded women in a private, exclusive community. In creating this especially for you, we’ve taken great care to ensure that the program is content-centered, offers you results-driven experiences that will inspire and motivate you to challenge yourself and grow into the childcare business owner I know you can be! Find out more here.


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Why investing in yourself can help you reach the next level faster

Why investing in yourself can help you reach the next level faster

Investing in yourself has never been easier, in terms of choice. There’s so many ideas and options floating around the internet, and your inbox is full of people professing to know what a good investment for you will look like.

You want to up-level and reach your goals, but you’re not really sure how to get there.

Well I can tell you, after years of not investing in myself, I only started to see huge growth in my business when I began to see myself as worth the investment.

Putting yourself first

When you put yourself first, you increasingly have more energy to be more productive in your work and you’re more motivated to grow your business. And because you’ve invested in yourself, you’ll find that you’re able to add more value to others. Unlike many other investments you could make – the stock market, real estate, horses – investing in YOU is never a risk, because there’s always a benefit.

People start to notice you

Nely Galán, the author of “Self Made“, describes how, when you choose yourself, “people will notice you, and they will choose you over and over again.” You put an end to passively waiting for things to happen to you, taking a lead and investing in yourself, so you take action and begin to move closer to being the you you’ve always dreamed of.

Here are some ways you could be investing in yourself:

  • Improving your health and wellness – by looking after yourself you’re protecting your future.
  • Booking a workshop or course – professional development and adding to your skills is vital!
  • Watch, listen and read – Women who read, lead – am I right!?
  • Attend networking events – surround yourself with other phenomenal women aiming high.
  • Hire a business coach – this is a biggy and is a key one for leveling up!
  • Prioritize self-care and breaks to increase productivity – you certainly can’t pour from an empty cup.

All of these are opportunities to invest in YOU. Set yourself a challenge to do a few of these each quarter and watch how much progress you make! I know that you’ll be amazed.

Getting into the right mindset

By investing in any of the above list, you’re getting into a childcare business owner mindset. You’re prioritizing yourself and showing leadership. All of the examples are going to demonstrate to your team that this is the way things should be. That when you lead it isn’t all about being at your desk 24/7 and neglecting your well-being. Nor is it about spending your days swanning around the mall with the Amex. Role modelling these to your staff and your family is true leadership.

And once you start investing in your self, it’s like you’re saying to the universe that you’re ready for success. It shows that you’re getting into the mindset for being a childcare business owner.

women high fiving

Investing in your future

I’ve got a Masterclass coming up where I will be covering the 5 foundations I recommend for making childcare ownership simple. After years of experience, I’ve come to the conclusion that owning a childcare business consists of 5 main steps. These steps can be broken down very simply so you’re not overwhelmed in your journey to successful and simple childcare ownership. And although they’re all of equal importance, some of these are overlooked!

In a nutshell, the 5 Foundations for Simple Childcare Ownership are:

  • Mindset
  • Planning
  • Research
  • System Building
  • Legacy Creation

And these are the simple steps I’ve noticed in my thirteen plus years of being a childcare boss! And when you start investing in yourself and in professional development like this, you’re beginning to think like a successful Childcare Boss.

I would love to see you in the Masterclass! If you have any questions don’t forget that I’m always in the Facebook group and if you haven’t already joined here’s the link The Childcare Ninja Members Group.

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Do I have what it takes to be the childcare boss?

Do I have what it takes to be the childcare boss?

Being a childcare boss isn’t for everyone. So how do you know if you’ve got what it takes?

I’ve been in the business for a long time and I have seen people come and go. Sometimes, they think running a childcare is easy and they have a shock when they realize that it’s quite different from other types of businesses. For one, there’s tiny people to think about, not just the profit margins!

Other times, they’ve got no experience running a business at all and despite a huge love of working with children, it becomes overwhelming and they’ve given up.

Just as you don’t start on the line of a marathon without hours of training, you also have to begin the race with the right mindset. And the same goes with being a childcare business boss. We’ve got to be prepared and in the right head space to be successful.

Anyway, here are a few things I’ve learned about whether you know that being a childcare boss is right for you and how to get into the childcare boss mindset…

So have you got what it takes?

Truth of the matter is, only you can answer this question honestly. This is an opportunity for you to think about your why. What motivates you to run a childcare business? Why do you want to be a childcare boss?

journaling mindset childcare boss

However, you just need to take some time to meditate over and contemplate these questions. Lean into the fear. Is there anything holding you back? How do you prepare for challenges you face? Is there a pattern? How could you bring that to being a childcare boss?

Achieving what you put your mind to

In my experience people have the ability to do whatever they set their minds to. Therefore, if your mindset is ready, you’re ready!
Think about the people you know who’ve run marathons – they start preparing months in advance. They train hard, and most of them will tell you that it’s not about the physical prep, it’s about breaking the mental barriers. Once you’re able to show your brain that you can run 18 miles, it doesn’t take much to convince it that another 6 miles will be okay.
marathon training mindset
Same goes for mountaineers. Months of preparation and the right gear, but at the end of the day, it’s ultimately down to their mindset.
Another example is Paralympic athletes. They compete in the face of adversity. Some of them have lost legs in battle, yet they come out fighting! It is all about mindset.

Getting into the right mindset

Hopefully you’re getting the idea that so much of this is down to having the right mindset! So how’s yours?
First, check how your mindset is towards being a childcare boss. And once you’ve looked at that, it’s time to begin taking steps towards creating or growing your childcare business.
Journal about your fears around leadership, your motivations for running a childcare business, think about your soul goals and where you see yourself in five years. Really get to grips with where you feel you’re at in mindset terms.

I hope this blog has got you thinking about whether this is right for you, and I hope the answer is, “For sure, Ms. Nyckie!” I know you’ve got what it takes.

I have a 3 day challenge coming up that dives into this. Taking part in the challenge will allow you to gain freedom from your fears of childcare ownership. You’ll be given simple steps to reignite your fire & make you the passionate and proud childcare boss you know you can be. This challenge is going to get you laser focused and give you the clarity you need to move your childcare business from bleak to booming!
Childcare Ninja Free guide to Childcare Boss Mindset

Click here to register and get my FREE tool to help you get into the right mindset!

And if you’re not already over in the Childcare Ninja Facebook group, come and say hi! We’d love to welcome you into the space and find out how you’re getting on. We’re an army of childcare professionals who are sharing ninja-sharp skills to transform our businesses into childcare empires! This is Childcare Ownership all Grownup! If you’re interested in becoming a part of the community, join us for more tips on how to make your childcare business the success it deserves to be! And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram!

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