Simplify! Automate your childcare business TODAY!

 Simplify! Automate your childcare business TODAY!

I’ve heard it time and time again over the last few years: “I can’t automate, Nyckie, I run a childcare business.” It often feels like it’s hard to automate anything in this industry, but that’s simply not true! We can automate many things in the day-to-day running of our childcare businesses. We don’t have to do everything manually.

Does this sound like you? I’d love to encourage you to read this blog post and discover why automations and simplifying your business are going to be the spark that allows you to up your game!

This is the 5th part in my series of posts on making the set up of your #homechildcarebusiness as simple as possible! This is hugely important for you to begin scaling to success. Keep it SIMPLE from the very beginning. If you missed the others, check them out here.

Read this week’s new post and let me know how automation helps you inch closer to becoming a #childcareninja when it comes to automating your home childcare business.

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What’s so great about automating?

I’d like to flip that round and ask – what ISN’T great about automating?!? Who doesn’t want to make life easier for themselves and their staff? Anyone? *TUMBLEWEED*

Automating means putting systems in place (whether that’s technical systems or step-by-step processes) that require less of your time and energy to run your childcare business. Which means more time to spend on the things you LOVE doing! It equates to FREEDOM!

freedom when you automate

And not only will having automations save you time, having them all set up and working smoothly will save you money too! Doing things manually or having too many different systems in place costs you more than you realize!

So let me tell you a few ways that it’s possible to automate your childcare business and how to get started.

Take time to observe where you could automate

If you observe your work and the work of your team over a couple of weeks or a month, you’ll notice that you all do certain tasks over and over again. That repetition means it’s high time you begin automating! Those repeatable tasks are exactly the types of tasks you want to automate and systemize!

Look at those tasks and consider which parts can be turned into an easy-to-copy system? Perhaps it’s the on-boarding of new clients, or the payroll for staff…but you need to take a step back and figure out which ones are achievable and will give a great ROI (return on investment).

There are tonnes of free ways to automate, it doesn’t all have to be paid for. But technology and automation should be your BFFs right now!

How can you use technology to help do that?

The areas you can automate in your childcare business using technology are broad! You can set up automations for your marketing, getting families enrolled, and do all your ordering and food planning with them too. Technology exists to help you automate the maintenance and other practical elements of your daycare centers too. And there’s even ways you can automate your team training.

Lean in to the technology that is available – it certainly wasn’t around when I set up my first childcare business! Get recommendations from colleagues over in the Childcare Ninjas Facebook group and watch the replay of my Tuesday Tips. I chatted about all the ways you can automate things to make your life easier and how it can transform a clunky manual business taking up every second into a smooth running one which frees up your time! You can also catch up on my YouTube “Set up” series here.

Do you want to automate more things? How do you feel about it? Excited or do you worry about the tech? Come and join the chat over in the Childcare Ninjas Facebook group.

Don’t forget to grab this week’s FREE resource, it’s my SIMPLE CHILDCARE AUTOMATION GUIDE. Get your copy now by clicking HERE. Enjoy Ninja…#YOUGOTTHIS!

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