Creating a creative space in your childcare business for you

Creating a creative space in your childcare business for you

To be a Childcare Ninja you’ve got to have a space to call your own. Somewhere to get away from the kids and people you work with, where you can just be or a place to reflect on your business and figure out where you’re headed. It doesn’t have to be an entire room, it could just be a corner in your home or work building that is tucked away from the chaos.

I love my little oasis of calm…

Here I’ve put together a few ideas to make your work day less about the hustle and more about the flow.

Closing your door

It is so important that you have opportunities where you can close your door and breathe. Everyone needs downtime, but when you’re running a business – especially one that is often reminiscent of a rumpus out of “Where the Wild Things are” – you need to give yourself time to pause and reflect. If you have an office at work, where you’re always having staff come in and out to ask questions or clarify policies, it might be a good idea to block out short periods where you can close the door and have some undisturbed time. But if your space is at home, maybe you can set gentle rules about when you’re to be left alone.

Say a little prayer

This is your space. It’s your quiet time. Allow yourself to disconnect for a while. This could be somewhere you pray and give thanks for the skills you have been gifted, or ask for guidance through any challenges you’ve come across.

Or maybe you can take time to meditate. The thought behind this is simple – when you’re expending tons of mental energy being a Childcare Ninja problem-solving and innovating, dealing with untold numbers of issues, you need somewhere to recharge your batteries. Just breathe and allow your mind to rest, to turn off the messy incessant noise that comes with running a business.

Get Creative

Having a peaceful space to yourself offers you a chance to flex your creative muscles. Do something just for you. Or create something delightful for a friend. You could do some feminist cross-stitching, or a little bit of drawing or doodling. It’s therapeutic and will give you a break from thinking about your business.

Don’t be afraid of color

It doesn’t need to be an entirely white space, you can add elements of color that inspire you, that bring calm to your space. I love pastels and warm colors, but you might be drawn to cooler tones.

Consider smells

Add a beautiful scented candle to your space, some incense, or a diffuser. Keeping a candle on your desk actually has a more practical purpose than simply making your space smell amazing. Taking a 30 seconds to recalibrate your eyes, by staring at a flame will be really beneficial and a welcome break from a day of constant spreadsheets on screens.

Think about sounds

When I’m in my space, I like to listen to music that soothes me. That might be the sounds of the ocean, but quite often it’s likely to be a little bit of gospel music which I find really relaxing but it also gives me focus which is exactly what I need in my little hideaway space. I’d highly recommend avoiding anything associated with your childcare business – so that’s a NO to nursery rhymes!

Add a little greenery

I recently added a couple of plants to my space, and it’s amazing the difference they’ve made to my well-being. Just a little bit of greenery can go a long way, you don’t have to plant an entire living wall! In having to water your plant to keep it alive you’ll have a reminder that you need nurturing too.

Surround yourself with things that inspire you

Whether it’s your favorite book or a gorgeous ceramic (or if it’s your thing, some crystals), keep something tactile that you can look to for inspiration when you’re taking some time out in your quiet space.

I’d also recommend putting some framed inspirational quotes up above your desk to remind you how awesome you are and to realign you with your “why“. Here are some you might like:

So now all you need to do is carve out a space of your own and create it into a place where you can rejuvenate! By taking regular time out from your business, you’ll be able to grow as a childcare business owner in a more holistic way. You’re aiming to create a better life for yourself and your family, and you can’t pour from an empty cup.

I hope you’re enjoying your journey to becoming a Childcare Ninja, but don’t forget to interact in the Facebook group where you can connect with other amazing women and share ideas. Join us for more tips on how to take your childcare business to the next level!