What’s the why behind your childcare business?

What’s the why behind your childcare business?

It was Simon Sinek who did a TED talk about the importance of the WHY in business. And it matters because it’s your motivation to succeed and your reason to persevere. So what’s the why behind your childcare business?

It’s that time of the year where we reflect and consider what we’re grateful for. I’m utterly grateful for the opportunity to bless my family, watch them grow and be blessed and bless others.

The WHY of my business is my family. One hundred percent. And I’m so thankful for it all, especially the ideas and inspiration they’ve been exposed to and experienced through me being a childcare business owner.

Here’s the scoop, Ninja.

As childcare ninjas we have been working hard ALL.YEAR.LONG. I’m not gonna lie. It can sometimes be really tough! Being key workers throughout a global pandemic and helping keep this country moving has not been easy.

But here’s why I do it:

nyckie b and her 4 daughters

And this is why most of us do it, right?! Our family or loved ones!  When I look at this photo I’m reminded of where I used to be and where I am at right now. Through my childcare business I’ve been blessed to live a very nice life and experience some wonderful things with my family. I can provide for them, and ensure they have the best future possible. That matters to me.

Every single day I’m really grateful for what my childcare business has been able to provide my family. It’s a wonderful thing and I’m highly thankful and highly grateful for both opportunities.

But, do you know what?! I’d love to know YOUR big why!

So tell me, Ninja, what’s the why behind YOUR childcare business?

Maybe you’re the same as me and have a brood you want to provide for and be a role model for. You can certainly do that with a successful childcare business.

Perhaps you wanted to create a job that gave you greater flexibility to care for elderly relatives? Is it that you want to build a legacy to leave behind? Or maybe you have dreams of a house by the beach…

Whatever your WHY is, it’s important to keep reminding yourself of it. I highly recommend creating a vision board to help keep you focused for 2022. Keep your WHY at the front of your mind and stay motivated to achieve your goals.

Ever wondered how your childcare business really affects your family?

Well, this week you get to find out! Join me and two very special guests inside as we take a look at so me of the ways our families are affected so that we can better balance family and business for a fully successful 2022.

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Off the record, you need to reboot your childcare business NOW

Off the record, you need to reboot your childcare business NOW

Sometimes when you’re running a business it’s very easy to get lost in the routine and rigmarole. You forget why you’ve even started the business in the first place. So every now and then it’s a good idea to take stock of where you’re at. Maybe it’s time to give your business a reboot.

The day-to-day tasks often drown the passion we feel for our childcare businesses and can lead to burn out, so we need to take opportunities to reflect and recoup!

How do I know? Because I’ve been there!

I started my business as a single mom, trying to figure out a way of balancing parenthood with earning some money to pay our bills. And I was so busy doing the job that I felt like I lost my way. I had to learn to make space and be honest with myself when I was finding it tough.

Here are some ideas to reflect on that’ll give you a chance to pause and reset!

Have you lost your why?

Reconnect with why you started your childcare business in the first place. Take a look through your old diaries, scan through ancient emails and dusty photo albums and try to remember why you began this journey!

Taking a trip down memory lane will re-energize your enthusiasm for your business and rekindle all that passion you have!

There’s a great TED talk by Stacey Abrams on “3 questions to ask yourself about everything you do” and it’s inspired me to think about why I’m doing this job in the first place, and given me impetus to plan for how I’m going to grow. And there’s a few great ones by author of “Start with Why”, Simon Synek.

Define your business by your why! Go and watch these and get the reboot you need!

Did your plans fall by the wayside?

Have you been berating yourself for failing to meet a target or goal? Take it from me that there’s no point in giving yourself a hard time over a stumbling block. If your plans haven’t worked out right this time, it doesn’t mean you need to give up entirely.

Encourage yourself to reboot your mindset to know that a failure simply shines a light on areas that might need a little TLC. Make some space for you to breathe (I wrote you a blog on how to do that here) and be gentle with yourself. You wouldn’t speak to the kids in your daycare like you’re speaking to yourself now, would you?!

Make a new plan; create a vision board; read some of your client testimonials to remind yourself of how awesome you are!

Reboot and get back in the game!

Reboot with the Childcare Ninja quiz!

I’ve made you a fun quiz to see where you’re at right now in your business. This is a unique way for you to work out where you are in your journey as a business owner. What systems have you got in place and how are you feeling about the day-to-day running of things? What do you need to do to level up?

Take the quiz now and get the help you need to move to become the next level Ninja! Give it a go ———-> here!

childcare ninja

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