Raising the next generation of childcare workers

Raising the next generation of childcare workers

You might remember that a while ago I created a YouTube video on this topic, but I wanna shine a light on entry-level positions again. Although it might sound odd, I want you to think about ways you can raise the next gen of childcare workers by hiring total newbs.

Read on to find out why you need inexperienced team members in your childcare business.

Creating a well-rounded team

We all need additional help in our childcare business now and again. In fact just last week I wrote about how to create your dream team. (Take a peek here!)

Sometimes we’ll be on the hunt for outstanding teachers or brilliant experienced managers, to help us grow our businesses and take over the world! But often there’s still a need for another kind of help. We’ve got ratios to keep up, bottles to warm, and nappies to change!

This sort of help isn’t necessarily highly qualified like a trained teacher, but they’re still a massive help that will see us create a wonderful and well-rounded team.

After all, if you ran a restaurant, you wouldn’t hire an entire team of top chefs, would you? You need a highly trained lead chef, but also chef du parties, sous chefs, a baker, front of house staff…and they would all be up the creek without the least qualified member of the team! Who’s that?! The potwash!

Don’t turn away those with less experience

You need staff on the ground with less experience.  Not to be the dogsbodies, but they’re like a fresh canvass. These are the the ones you can raise to be the next generation of childcare workers. The ones you can mold and shape!

For those positions where they don’t need a certain amount of experience, there are a few ideas I wanted to share to help you make that process simpler.

Having a serving heart

Imagine someone comes to your daycare business looking for work, but they have no experience. They’re very interested in working for you. They see you have a great company that’s well managed and would love an opportunity to break into the industry.

Your instinct might be to politely decline their offer of work. You feel they’re lacking in experience.

But I want you to look at it from a different angle.

So what you may not be thinking of is that while they might not have relevant childcare experience they may actually come from fields where they are ‘serving’.

What I’ve seen in my 16 years or so of experience is that staff that come from a serving industry turn out to be a great fit. Especially with children because they already have that serving heart.

When you find someone with a heart to serve others, teaching them the ins and outs of working with children is a blessing to you.

They already have that servant’s heart and as they’re new to the industry you can train them in the unique ways you run your business.

Raising the next generation of childcare workers

As these newbies learn and grow you’ll find them being a fantastic fit for bigger and better opportunities in your business. Some years later they could even be a director!

It’ll mean in the future, you won’t always have to hire outside your team because they’ll have grown into the staff you’re looking for. Working this way – of training your blank canvasses – you get to raise up a new generation to develop in and with your business.

So when you do train them, have that mindset of empowering them, giving them experiences that will help prepare them for more responsibility.

We see that in places like McDonald’s or in corporate with apprenticeships/ learning plans. Places where someone comes from the counter and works their way up all the time! Why can’t we also do that in our daycares?

Anyway, those are my thoughts on why you ought to be hiring inexperienced team members and raising the next generation of childcare workers!

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