How to automate your marketing for your childcare biz

How to automate your marketing for your childcare biz

We all know marketing is absolutely key to building our businesses, but it can be overwhelming knowing how much there is to do. So the key to getting on top of the challenge is automation. I’m a huge fan of systems and putting things in place to make my everyday life a little easier, and one of the ways I’ve succeeded in this is in my marketing. This blog is going to show you how to automate your marketing.

Since I made the leap and started planning ahead, using my precious time more wisely and prioritizing getting my childcare out there, I have made huge shifts in my business and in my life. I’m able to give more to my Childcare Ninjas and to the other things that make me feel good, because I don’t have to spend hours each day on marketing and getting my childcare businesses visible!

What will you do with all the extra time?

Want to know how to get there? Here’s the 3 simple steps I took to automating my marketing.

1. Choose which platform you’ll be focusing on

Marketing online has never been easier, but there’s also never been so much choice. So, where to begin?

I’d recommend picking one platform and getting super comfortable with it. Think about your parents and the people you want to attract. Take a moment to visualize your ideal client. Where do they hang out online? Twitter? Facebook? Instagram? TikTok?

For example, if that’s Facebook, get a handle on how marketing will look for your childcare business on there. Look at what your peers are doing globally, and how they’re reaching their target market. Do they have groups as well as pages? Do they post in local “sales” groups?  What sort of content do they share? I’ve written more on Facebook ninja marketing techniques here to help you out!

Perhaps your families are Gen X, urban and cool? If so they’re potentially going to be on TikTok. With over a billion users, many childcare business owners are getting in on this game. It’s a really creative platform that can get you seen by scores of people and really create a buzz around your biz. If you’re not yet familiar, it’s essentially incredibly short videos that entertain, inspire or demonstrate something. Find out more here.

Indeed, if you’re a visual person, and know that you’ve got millennial (and older) parents, Instagram is brilliant for building your brand and marketing. Using hashtags and content that will draw in your ideal client, you can develop a following and hone in on what they want and need. You can create a beautiful brand image, and a “link in bio” funnel that’ll have people emailing you about walk arounds in no time!


It’s all about finding the right platform for you and your business, but one that will get you seen by the right people! Do a quick survey of your current families and their use of social media. Once you’ve figured that out, you can really focus and get cracking on Step 2!

2. Get scheduling software

This is a game changer. If you can find a scheduling app that posts for you, so you’re not spending hours each day logging into apps and posting your childcare business content you’re going to be able to breathe easy!

There are a few you can try out for free, and there are some that you pay for. It all depends on what you want it to do and how quick you are to learn new tools. They’re all designed to help you! Here are a few I know have helped other Childcare Ninjas: Later, Hootsuite, Buffer, SproutSocial, SocialOomph… but I encourage you to explore and find the one that works for you.

2 a. So why is scheduling helpful?

Well, by planning ahead you can curate your content better and also maintain consistency across your brand. It means you can post the type of content necessary to reach your goals and grow your business. A social media management tool (or scheduling software) will allow you to schedule social media posts ahead of time. This will make it much easier to visualize and scheduling posts beats having to post everything manually – for sure!

Getting organized and using social management software will help you manage multiple social profiles all in one place. You’ll be able to schedule posts in advance, run contests, track analytics across platforms, and the list goes on! These tools really are game changers for your marketing!

3. Batching your content

After you’ve picked out the automated scheduling system you’re going to use, it’s time to block out time for creating content. When you’re batching your posts for the month all at once, it’s much easier to get into a flow, but also to see what your feed is going to look like to your clients. It’s very easy to lose that bigger picture when you’re having to post two or three times a day manually. Trust me!

However, when you’re running a childcare business, we can barely keep track of who’s working which shifts and when, what the meal plans are and whether the cleaning products are all in stock…so why not take time out each month to plan out your marketing.  Think about how often you want to post on your chosen platform, and then plan out how many posts you’ll need and what they’ll look like. Will you be sharing tips, ideas for play, places you love to visit, easy recipes?

Once your plan is formulated, get onto Canva (unless you’re a graphic designer or a Photoshop whizz!) and start batching your content. If you haven’t already, I’d recommend setting up a “Brand Kit” on there, so your colours and fonts are uniform and are automatically in the drop downs! Easy peasy! Once you’ve made a couple of designs – use templates! – you can hit “Make a copy” and just redesign that post for the next piece. That way you’ll stay on brand and maybe create a pattern on your insta grid, or just excellent brand recognition.

Spend one day a month batching content for your scheduled social media marketing and I guarantee you’ll be grateful! No more hustling all day every day!

Just a simple, planned out strategy, executed with the finesse of a Childcare Ninja! Yesssssssssss!!



I hope you’ve found this blog useful!

Leave a comment and let me know if you have any other tips for other childcare businesses when it comes to automating your marketing! I’m always interested to see how y’all are doing things!

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Ninja guide to streamlining your hiring process

Ninja guide to streamlining your hiring process

One of the key parts of your childcare business is the people who work for you. The quality of your staff is essential to maintaining a professional and well-run establishment, and most importantly they are taking care of those precious children in your setting.

They’re your representatives and your eyes on the ground, and they’re part of a team, so hiring the right people is a huge decision for your business. You can’t just hire someone based on their résumé, because there’s no guarantee they’ll gel with your other staff members; but nor can you employ a person for their personality and not look at their experience and qualifications. It’s a monumental task! Streamlining this process is going to help you grow your business.


And sometimes it can take up so much of your time, it could almost be a full time job in itself!

But there’s no need for it to be so time consuming. I’ve been in this game for a long time now, so I have learned a few things on the way to becoming a Childcare Ninja, and I want to help you streamline the hiring process.

Here are my ninja tips for a more efficient process for hiring staff for your childcare business.

Automate as much paperwork as possible

Getting your potential employees to fill out an online form will save you time and definitely streamline your hiring process. No more loose bits of paper to peruse, or lose! By having an automated system, you can make the process faster and fairer for everyone.

There are various apps/softwares you can get for each stage of the process. For example, candidate pre-screening tools can rank and grade candidates to pre-qualify those who are a fit to move forward in the hiring process. Or you can just have a simple form, akin to a questionnaire that they can input all their information into.

When the form is filled out online, it means you’ve got a digital version. You can then search the documents for key words much faster, enabling you to rule out people who don’t have the qualifications or strengths you’re looking for, and find the ones who cut the mustard!

Once you’ve shortlisted, it’s time to get them booked in for interview. However, manually scheduling interviews can be exhausting! It might not sound like a time-consuming task, but when you’re going back and forth to check availability for all the different applicants you’d like to meet with you suddenly realize what a drain on your time it is!

I’d highly recommend that you try interview scheduling automation. It’ll save you time and streamlines the interview process, which creates a better experience for candidates and you alike. You might have heard of Calendly, which is an easy to use system for booking in interviews.

streamlining your hiring process


Have a central place for your hiring documentation

It’s important that you keep all your paperwork and vital documents for new and potential employees in one place. This is key because if you were to fall ill, then your cover person will know exactly where to find everything they need when it comes to your team. Not only is it for unfortunate scenarios, it’s also fundamental that you’re seen by outside agencies and inspectors to be organized and keeping on top of standards.

Another reason you ought to keep staff documentation all in one central place is it’ll help you find things quickly if there’s any accidents or medical emergencies. Your team members might have an allergy or a disability, and as their employer you have responsibilities for their welfare.

Video training on the go

Create your own training videos for newly hired team members so they can get up to speed quickly. Everyone’s got a smart phone nowadays, and it’s so helpful for building relationships with new staff. Having apps like Slack to connect team members, gives them an opportunity to communicate outside of work and also access information as and when they require it, or when you need them to.

One of the strategies that I’ve found that works for my teams is when I do training on Zoom about specific areas and then I upload the videos and place them in Slack. My staff can then view them when they’re able to – on breaks or during their spare time – and once they’ve watched the training they can sign off that particular task. I can then see exactly who has done which video session, and can remind people gently on the app.

This saves us tons of time trying to coordinate a training meeting that everyone can attend! We’re all busy people, right?!

Streamlining the hiring process is going to save you time and energy, leaving you to focus on getting the right team player for your Childcare Ninja squad!


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