Marketing to Moms as a Childcare Business Owner

Marketing to Moms as a Childcare Business Owner

Marketing your childcare business in this day and age is pretty overwhelming. If you’re new to all this, where do you even start? There’s so many places to be interacting…should you be on all of the platforms? Just digital or print too? And who are you talking to? You’d better make sure you’re marketing to moms!

I’ve been in this arena for a long time, and marketing has changed dramatically since I first started out. It was mostly word of mouth and flyers through doors to spread the word. But now you’ve got other ways to reach the moms and dads you want to work with.

So how do you figure out what to do with your marketing?

Here’s some of my top tips for nailing your marketing strategy when it comes to getting your childcare business seen and heard.

Client Perspective – marketing to moms

As childcare business owners we tend to lead from the front all the time…but on this occasion I want you to take a step back. There’s an important reason for doing this, because – believe it or not – you don’t always know the answers. We so often assume we’re doing a good job and are too busy to do things another way, or can’t see that there’s need for another perspective.

So take a step back from being the leader and take off your Childcare Ninja hat. Put on a parent one instead. Try and see the world through their eyes and at their angles. Doing this will make your offerings more relevant and give you an opportunity to visualize things differently.

Freshen up

Now you’re wearing their hat, I want you to imagine you’re looking for a daycare center for your child. Head to your website with these fresh new eyes. Without berating yourself, look at your childcare business site and consider if it’s what you’d be looking for if you needed somewhere to send your babies right now? Would you buy from you?

It’s time to get real. Be honest with yourself. Is it good enough? Does it need an update? Is it all linked up to your social media channels? Could you be adding content to help your marketing? Blogs are an easy, engaging and fun way to do this.

Have you listed all the features that they might want to know about? Do you explain how you’re different from other childcare providers in your area? What are the benefits of booking into your childcare provision – how will they feel? Focus on the freedom that knowing their kids are safe gives them. Reassure them!

Where do your moms hang out?

Now you’ve freshened up your website, it’s time to think about where your moms hang out. Depending on where you are in the world, or the demographics of your area, it might be different for you to where mine meet up online! Social media is so huge now! Some moms are all over Facebook and Twitter, others are dancing all over TikTok and networking on Instagram. And there’ll even be some on LinkedIn.

Look at who your moms follow and share content by online. You can piggy back off this by creating similar – but childcare related – content. Read the ads and blogs they’re seeing on the daily, and build your marketing around similar topics that your moms will find engaging.

Also take time to view what activities they do with their kids. Where are they frequently visiting? Do they mix up their day trips or are they creatures of habit? List potential future collaborations or places you could advertise while you’re doing this research.

Being useful in your marketing to moms

When it comes to marketing to your audience it’s not just about selling. Much of what you’re sharing online ought to be useful. Factor this into your content planning. If, for example, you’re in an area where the schools are currently closed due to lock down, why not share some play ideas or some free printables to keep small people busy and entertained. Parents will remember how helpful you were when they were stressed out!

Again, this is about switching hats. What would you have found useful as a mom now? Some recipe ideas? Top ten educational movies? 5 best books for toddlers? Some freebie word searches or puzzles? These things will get shared among your online community, wherever they hang out! Create a buzz around your brand by supporting potential future clients now.

Non-mom Childcare Business Owners

I haven’t forgotten you, you awesome bunch of humans! If you’re struggling to take your biz hat off and put on a mom one, make the most of any mom friends you’ve got. They might not be able to join you at happy hour any more, or pull all night dance sessions like they used to, but they sure as heck know where moms hang out online for advice, a moan, and to have virtual fun!

So ask ’em! They’ll be super happy you asked them for ideas and will hold a plethora of information, so don’t be afraid of tapping into their knowledge! Marketing to moms is pretty key to your business, so find out how to captivate them!

Wanna know more about marketing?

If you’d like to learn more about marketing and how to grow your childcare business, I’ve got a coaching program that is perfect for you! We’re diving into all elements of getting the word out about your business, including how to market effectively. “The Simple Childcare Ownership Program“ starts in October.

It’s a 10 week program that offers you so much! Join like-minded women in a private, exclusive community where you can share experiences and support each other to grow. In creating this especially for you, we’ve taken great care to ensure that the program is content-centered, offers you results-driven experiences that will inspire and motivate you to challenge yourself and grow into who you were born to be! Find out more here.

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