4 ways to get Ninja marketing results using social media

4 ways to get Ninja marketing results using social media

You’ve got your website all set up ready to go, but how exactly are you going to tell people about your childcare business? How will you get them to see what services you have available? What are you going to do to get Ninja marketing results? On a limited budget…

This is where the wonders of social media come into play.

But what does that look like, really?

I bet you’ve heard all the big dogs talking about their “social media managers” and “scheduling”, right? However, you need to know what YOU can do to with social media to become a marketing ninja. So I’m going to share my strategies with you for getting the word out about your programs and offerings!

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Group inside Facebook for your parents   

For many businesses, it’s becoming pretty normal to have a Facebook group for your customers. Running a childcare business is a little different than other industries, but Facebook groups (along with other platforms) are there for you to use and it’s totally FREE! Quite often, marketing can come with a hefty price tag. So we’ve got to be savvy in our choices and seek out the ones that work best and cost the least.

A Facebook group is easy to set up, and you can allow parents access once they’ve enrolled their child. This can then be a private group where you can share photos of the daycare goings on or information about events you’re running. This space can become a really brilliant community for parents, especially for families new to the area. It can even be a super selling point for your childcare setting. Give it a go!

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Sharing is caring

Social media is a cheap and easy place to share news and information about your business. You can promote your day care or a new service via an open Facebook page. Use it to explain the different programs you have available or share when enrollment opens up. Even when you’re advertising staff vacancies, Facebook is great for reaching different audiences.

You can use Twitter to get your name out there too, following trends or sharing fun activities you’ve tried with the children. By using relevant hashtags and building your own following, you’ll quickly gain traction and become a resource for the local community.

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And of course there are other platforms to get into, especially if you’re really creative. Instagram is fantastic for creating a true “feel” for your childcare business, so parents get to know you and what you’re about. And there’s lots of fun to be had on TikTok if you know some younger families who might be interested in your daycare offerings.

Of course there are other ways to be seen – I’m no stranger to the old school methods – but social media has such a huge reach nowadays, it’d be daft to dismiss it. And I’ve got a free Ninja Marketing Guide for you to check out as well.

Market research

It might sound silly, but researching ideas using social media is an easy way of finding out what people want and need. You can use the search tools to get information about what services local people require. Plus you can check out what competitors are offering. There’s options for asking questions in local community groups. For example putting a poll out to find out if families are in need of overnight care for their children.

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By doing your own market research on social media, you can save energy and money that you can instead invest elsewhere in your business. I’ve found that sounding out local parents before I launch any new services has meant I have knowledge of what they want. I can then  provide a more tailored childcare. And of course if you want help and ideas with a project to grow your business, there are always people who you can reach out to online.

As someone who’s been in the game a while, I can tell you that social media is resoundingly successful in helping me both communicate & grow as a business owner.

Stay connected

Funny enough, social media sort of does exactly what its title portrays! It’s a key way of making connections and interacting with your community. This might look like a Slack chat with your awesome childcare team. It might be in your Facebook group letting parents know that there’s a bake sale in the daycare the following day. Or it could be a notice on your main daycare page that there’s a local road closure…

Whatever you do on social media, the more you interact positively and socialize, the stronger your relationships with those people will be. Be a helpful resource; be an online cheerleader and supporter of community groups! Get a buzz going around your childcare and everyone will want to champion your business in return.

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Once you’re more established, you’ll be able to consider a strategic Facebook Ads campaign. For now though, I’d recommend spending some dedicated time to researching, connecting and building a community with local families you serve in your childcare. Social media is a valuable resource to Childcare Ninjas like you and me!

Ready to become a Ninja Marketing Boss?

If you want to learn more about marketing, I’ve got a free guide to marketing available to you right now! All you’ve got to do is click here.

Leave a comment below to tell me how you’re using social media for marketing. Join like-minded childcare business owners in my free Facebook group, where you can connect with other amazing women and share ideas. You’ll find  more tips on how to take your childcare business to the next level!


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